Get Smart Charging With Tesla Electric Charger For Your Electric Vehicle

Welcome to A&Q Electric, Tesla Electric Charger- charging solutions for electric vehicles. We are excited to announce that Tesla Electric Charger has acquired A& Q Electric Inc. We make electric cars charging easy here, there and everywhere.

A&Q Electric Inc will help you to make the correct choice for environmentally friendly mobility. With our high-performance charging stations, professional Installation, and extensive services, we have the right charging solution for your electric vehicles. We make charging for electric cars speedy and efficient, whether in your company or at your residence. Tesla Electric Charger has succeeded in generating high-quality charging stations that allow a comfortable, safe, and fast charging of electric cars. Our electrical charging system helps increase the life of batteries and ensures a smooth journey for long distances.

Before leaving your home, it is best to charge your electric vehicle (EV) fully. Whereas in case of longer trips, you should plan where you will be able to recharge. These days electric cars generally come with two charging options- One that is suitable for charging at home or workplace and the other - charging at public charging outlets.

Tesla Electric Charger is the world’s fastest charging network. You can stay charged wherever you usually park - be it overnight at home during the day at your workplace or anywhere else. With Tesla, it makes charging at home as easy as charging your smartphone.

Makes charging Easy

Tesla Electric Charger makes charging super easy wherever you are. It makes charging as easy as your smartphone. You have to plug in the whole night, and the next morning you can wake up to a fully charged electric car. If you need any help regarding home installation, you can connect with our support team. Now you can stop along with the world’s fastest charging network and recharge at your destination while away from home. With our swift expanding Supercharger locations on well-traveled paths, Tesla can take you wherever you want to go.

The Tesla electric charger is excellent because of its sleek design and safety measures. Tesla’s charging station access is among the top. Tesla has its brand of charging stations, called Superchargers, which are placed on popular routes and charge at a hugely rapid rate. With Tesla, you can charge anywhere as long as there is an electrical outlet.

Monitor From Anywhere

Superchargers supply energy quickly, and slowly reduce the speed as the battery fills. Your vehicle will get an automatic alert when it has sufficient power to continue the trip.

Tesla Electric Charger is working around the globe building new sites to allow additional routes and expand popular stations. Additionally, to Superchargers, we have a growing network of Destination Charging Partners. Tesla has a partnership with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and resorts. It makes charging easy and as simple as charging at home when you arrive at your destination.

With the Tesla App, you can monitor charging and get notified when you reach a full charge while on the road.

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Installation of Home Charging Equipment

  1. Look for an Electrician
  2. First, you need to enter your zip code and then look for an electrician to install in your respective area. Along with Tesla installation services, you’ll find local independent electricians around you.

    If you have a known electrician you would like to work with; you can direct them to the latest Wall Connector installation guide for a smooth experience.

  3. Request a Quote
  4. The Wall Connector should be installed on a 60 amp circuit in the parking space nearest to your existing electrical support. You can make a quote online via email, thus making it easy to obtain different quotes.

  5. Order Your Wall Connector
  6. If you are thinking of hiring an independent electrician, you can order your Wall Connector online. If you’re installing through Tesla, the Wall Connector will be included in your offer, and therefore no more action is required.

  7. Fix a time for your Installation
  8. You can forward the Wall Connector Order Shipment verification email to your electrician and fix a date for your Installation.

    But if Tesla will install your wall connector, they will reach out to fix an installation date as soon as the allowance has been received.